About us

Our love for humanity has aspired us to spread beneficial and nutritional products to all parts of the world

About us


Welcome to smart foods international

Smart Food International prides itself in acquiring the best and most reasonably priced fruits and nuts direct from farmers and growers all over the world in an eco-friendly fashion.  Smart Food International works in cooperation with a great multitude of farmers, producers, and suppliers that help us pursue excellence in service to our clients.  We have substantial experience in the international and global market with contracts securing longevity and long term business relationships.  We have been importing and exporting nuts and fruits for over 10 years from countries and states such as California, Chile, Argentina, Turkey, Iran, and France. Our main markets include China, Russia, Europe, Israel, and the Middle East."

Mission Statement: 
Smart Food Internationals strives to be the leading importer and exporter in the health food industry.  We continually exceed supplier, producer, and client expectations while constantly upholding international and global standards.  We promise to always accommodate our clients with the best product in the industry.

Quality.  Service.  Accountability.  Diligence.  Competitive pricing.